We are here to save the jetty ramp.


Word just came down that the popular skateboard halfpipe next to the Coast Highway in El Granada, known by all as the Jetty Ramp, is in danger of being demolished. 

Let’s all come together to not let this happen! This website will provide more updates on the issue — including times and locations of any pertinent public meetings — as soon as we have them.


Savethejettyramp.com was started by a group of local skaters and surfers organizing a grassroots effort to block any efforts to demolish the Jetty Ramp. We stand together to NOT let this happen. Follow along for any upcoming meetings where you can let your voices be heard and share stories about the ramp's ongoing positive impact on our community.


“… let your voices be heard.”

— FOUNDing Members


Our Mission

Preventing the Jetty Ramp from being torn down is our immediate priority. Our short-term goal is to relocate and refurbish the existing ramp. Our long-term goal is to investigate the possibility of building a full-fledged skatepark on the Burnham Strip. This will only happen with the core skateboard community present in deciding its fate.


Get Involved

Support the cause by attending any future meetings or happenings. Meanwhile, please add your name to the list of concerned citizens by emailing us at savethejettyramp@gmail.com Click on the news tab to find out more.